Sterilising / Sanitising

Cold Sterilant

Extremely effective Sterilant developed for use on storage vessels, pipe distribution systems and reverse osmosis (RO) membranes.

Minncare Test Strips

Used to accurately measure adequate concentration of Sterilant after dilution and residual levels after rinse-out.

Minncare R.O. Membrane Cleaner

Removes biological matter, oil, grease, grime and mineral scale from membrane surfaces.

Steam Filters

Remove 98+% of 0.01 micron particles and liquid condensate. Eliminate carryover of boiler feed water chemicals. Approved for use in Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage and Meat and Poultry Plants.

Steelpore SLP Filter Culinary Steam
Steelpore SLP Filter

Mar Cor Minncare Cold Sterilant & Test Strips

Mar Cor Minncare Cold Sterilant Test Strips

Minncare Cold Sterilant
Minncare Cold Sterilant