Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage manufacturing is one of Ireland’s great success stories. The use of filtration in manufacturing is an integral part of assuring your customers of product quality, consistency and food safety. As competition grows and production is scaled, the impact of filtration becomes more apparent. At Filtration Systems, our deep understanding of the Food & Beverage industry has led us to being recognised as a valued partner in the application of filtration technology in the manufacture of high quality food products.

Typical applications include:

  • Product make up water
  • Utilities gases
  • Culinary steam
  • Bottling/Packaging
  • Sterilisation & Microbial Control
  • Clarification
  • Cold Stabilisation
  • Fermentation off-gas venting
  • SIP/CIP Filtration
  • R&D, Process Development

BEA Technologies offers solutions for the microfiltration of compressed liquids and gases dedicated to the specific needs of the FOOD & BEVERAGE industries: Soft Drinks, Wine & Spirits, Beer, Food.

The expertise in the typical applications of the sector such as pre-filtration, microbiological stabilization, polishing and reservoir polishing has allowed the development of products that meet the daily needs of the beverage industry, through specific laboratory services and technical-commercial assistance.

Food Beverage Microfilter

Reliable, efficient, customized.
BEA Technologies filtration solutions for FOOD & BEVERAGE sector

Each product born from a constant technological research, from the careful selection of materials, from a rigorous production process, and it is verified and standardized with specific tests.

BEA Technologies offers:

Quality makes the difference in critical moments

Choosing a manufacturer as a partner, with a high level of technical expertise and a structured organization makes the difference in critical moments.

It means having quality certified products, checked and in compliance with the regulations of the sector, but also being able to count on the advice of an expert partner.

These are Essential elements for companies accustomed to work considering risks and future scenarios, which don’t want to be unprepared to the challenges of production and the market.

Food Beverage Microfilter

Fast, effective, competent.

BEA Technologies assistance at the service of the FOOD & BEVERAGE industries

A Quick and targeted intervention makes the difference when it comes to assistance.

That’s why BEA Technologies offers a team of qualified people, able to support companies both in the selection phase and in the after-sales.

Services available to the customer:

BEA Filter Food Beverage

Design and supply in “Private Label”

BEA Technologies makes dedicated lines in Private Label available to machine builders and service providers to the industry. The Commercial Service and the Technical Office are available to the customer to identify the solutions in line with their needs.

Looking for the right solution.

Dedicated filtration solutions for specific applications.

Legislative constraints, typical problems, process complexity: each application has its own characteristics, which must be carefully
considered in the selection phase of the most suitable filtration system.

For each industry and application of the FOOD & BEVERAGE sector, BEA Technologies suggests one or more dedicated products.


  • Water for rinsing bottles
  • Dissolving sugar and glucose treatments
  • Finishing for syrups and finished drinks
  • Carbonation of drinks
  • Storage of tanks


  • Cellar treatments
  • Tartrated removals
  • Cold microbiological stabilization
  • Devices for integrity testing


  • Trap filter
  • Clarification
  • Vapor
  • Technical gases


  • Nitrogen purification / Technical gas
  • Steam treatments
  • Purification of government liquids
BEA Technologies Food Beverage Filtration System

Automatic Filtration System – MAGNEXFLO

Techniques for filtration in the production of foods, beverages, chemicals, gelatins and viscous solutions are continuously evolving with the development of innovative automatic equipment to deliver improved performance and simplify management.

Many manufacturers currently adopt filter sheets and traditional filter aids which as diatomaceus earth, perlite and cellulose to achieve clarification of products.

Today these techniques are outdated and their operating limits have been identified.

  • Hazardous powder inhalation by operators
  • High costs for exhausted filter aids disposal
  • Loss of output product due to the absorption properties of the same filter sheets and filter aids.
  • Potential release of particles and heavy metals inside the product
  • Potential oxidation of product with subsequent damages of specific propertie

The system designed by BEA Technologies, MAGNEXFLO, comes from a deep experience in this field and represents the solution for many different products difficult to be clarified, combining filtration performance with automation.

Our engineers, in cooperation with manufactures, have designed an up-to-date, simple and safe system to purify raw gelatins and viscous products with many benefits compared to existing manual filtration equipment.

For full details on features and benefits Download MAGNEXFLO Brochure