Brewing Filtration

BEA Technologies is a world class filter manufacturer, producing a comprehensive range of innovative products for sterile filtration and particulate removal across a range of Food & Beverage industries. In particular, we have developed a deep understanding of filter applications in the Brewing Industry here in Ireland and across Europe.

Brewing poses unique process challenges which require a balance between effective solutions and economy of implementation. Whether a micro/craft brewery, medium commercial or large scale operation, BEA Technologies have the expertise and solutions to deliver significant benefits to your business.

BEAT Brewing Filtration

Typical applications where filtration can deliver significant benefits include:

  • Water Utilities – Make up water, wash down, bottle rinse (cryptosporidium removal)
  • Gas Utilities – Compressed air, steam, nitrogen and CO2 (kegging, tank blanketing, cleaning)
  • Trap Filtration – Clarification, removal of lees, DE, haze
  • Cold Stabilisation – Removal of spoilage organisms (significant benefits over pasteurisation)


Our solutions for brewers include:

  • Filter Housings
  • Filter cartridges in standard and high flow formats
  • Bespoke brewery filtration skid systems
  • Laboratory and on-site scientific lab services for trial and evaluation
BEA Brewing Filtration
BEA Magnexflo Automated Beverage Filtration System